Caroline Sorrentino

Contact info:
Mobile- 345-7175

Caz was brought up in the British Virgin Islands for most of her life but studied in the UK until moving back to Tortola in 2015 to be a pre-school teacher. She joined Castaway as a member in 2016 and knew immediately that she had found her passion. Within a year she was a qualified level 1 CrossFit trainer and keen to begin coaching for us. She has since developed her knowledge of the sport through different speciality courses and is now a level 2 CrossFit trainer. She has recently attended the CrossFit Gymnastics course in Florida as well as the CrossFit Weightlifting course in Manchester with the intention of completing the CrossFit Kids course as soon as possible and starting up a class for the little ones.

Caz was responsible for bringing the CrossFit Community back together after the tragedy of Hurricane Irma. She was a shoulder to lean on and helped nurse our members back into shape. She offered them a form of escapism when they needed it the most, we will forever be grateful for her undying commitment to our members.

Through focusing on her health and fitness she has transformed her life in a positive way and wants to help our Castaway members work towards being the best and healthiest versions of themselves.