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CrossFit WODs (Workout of the Day)

WODs are the fundamental building blocks to CrossFit. Held in a group class environment, each session is led by a highly qualified CrossFit Trainer, following the methodology of constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement. We pride ourselves in coaching with a focus on excellent movement patterns (good form/functional movement), with varied programming and encourage our members to train at an intensity relative to their ability.

WODs can combine elements of strength training, gymnastics, olympic lifting, metabolic conditioning and much more… As you’ll see when you step foot into our facility, we use a wide variety of equipment including; kettle bells, wall balls, barbells, ropes, rings, rowers, assault bikes, rigs, and more! Every WOD can be scaled to suit you and at Castaway we pride ourselves in welcoming people of all fitness levels.

Come and try a CrossFit session now, and then sign up for our 2-3 hour CrossFit Fundamentals course that introduces you to the techniques, terminology and fun of CrossFit in a controlled environment.

You must have completed CrossFit Fundamentals (On Ramp) before joining CrossFit WOD classes.